Young adult gambling: Mark's Story

Young adult gambling can have a devastating impact on your mental health, finances, job, and relationships. Here, you can hear from Mark, and how his 13-year struggle ended in his recovery from gambling addiction.

Young adult gambling

Mark's introduction to gambling was at the age of 15. Gambling had not been in his life before; he had a happy childhood.

But at an age when he began developing a dysfunctional way to deal with stress, his Dad gave him some money to place a bet. And on leaving school, gambling quickly became a part of his life.

By 17, Mark describes himself as a 'full-blown gambling addict', and his life spiralled out of control for many years. 

Mark's story is sadly not unique. From chasing losses and running away from unpaid debts, to facing family bereavement, and experiencing suicidal thoughts. Mark went through all this and more while holding down jobs.

When Mark found the strength to acknowledge his addiction and seek help, his 13+ year addiction turned into his recovery journey. 

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