AnonyMind Residential

Leon House Residential Clinic is a residential treatment facility that treats a wide range of psychological disorders and addictions. Our renowned team of doctors, psychiatrists and counsellors provide specialist care and support in complete privacy, identifying and treating the underlying causes that lead to mental health issues and addiction. Our purpose built 30 en suite bedroom residential facility has been designed to ensure that all of our residents not only have best in class treatment but are also in a environment to relax mind and body.

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As well as designing and delivering treatment programs for organisations, charities and corporates we are always looking to work with treatment providers who can offer everything from psychology services to clinicians delivering holistic therapies.

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Use elite facilities Tailored modern workspaces. Reserve 121 rooms, hire virtual offices, book boardrooms and meeting hubs and use our world-class conferencing and podcast suites.

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All the benefits without the drawbacks. Reduce your rental costs and take bolt-on services as you want them. Opt for Bronze, Silver or Gold levels of space and facility use.

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Invite your guests to stay in thirty en-suite rooms. Overnight stays, week-retreats and team meetings are fully catered from our professional and healthy kitchen.

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