About Us

AnonyMind are a team of psychologists and founders that are extremely passionate about delivering the very best in mental health treatment. Delivering an easy-to-use platform for both therapists and patients to get the very best in mental health treatment.

Our purpose is to make a real and lasting difference for everyone we support.

We are dedicated to helping people to improve their health and wellbeing, and we understand that for people to achieve high quality clinical outcomes, they need individually tailored programmes, suiting their specific needs.

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Our Team

Andrew Plummer AnonyMind
Andrew Plummer
Head of Partnerships
Christopher Metcalf AnonyMind
Christopher Metcalf
Andy Iddon AnonyMind
Andy Iddon
Ryan Durkin AnonyMind
Ryan Durkin
Co-Founder and CTO
Dr Jamie Barsky AnonyMind
Dr Jamie Barsky
Clinician Lead
Sean Gartland AnonyMind
Sean Gartland
Operations & Residential Clinic Manager
Marsha Barsky AnonyMind
Marsha Barsky
Operations & Recruitment Manager
Andy Atha AnonyMind
Andy Atha
Cayne Lumley-Smith
Cayne Lumley-Smith
Forensic Psychologist
Carron Carson
Carron Carson
CBT & EMDR Therapist
Dr Christine Omar
Christine Omar
Clinical Psychologist
Tammazine Adcock
Tammazine Adcock
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Ellen Anderson
Ellen Anderson
Clinical Psychologist
Meghan Graham Clinical Psychologist AnonyMind
Meghan Graham
Clinical Psychologist
Mrs Maaike Beech Psychotherapist AnonyMind
Mrs Maaike Beech
Yassir Mukhtar CBT Therapist AnonyMind
Yassir Mukhtar
CBT Therapist

What our clients say

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Award Winning Platform

AnonyMind scooped the ‘Tech for Good’ award at the 2021 Prolific North Champions Awards. The scalable and confidential platform continues to remove traditional barriers to people accessing life-changing/life-saving support. Its free-to-use online platform encompasses a self-help library, online self-assessment for gambling addiction, and access to expert therapist treatment when people feel ready.

Prolific North Winner AnonyMind