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Mental health care on your schedule

With AnonyMind our clinicians are here 24/7. Mental Health can happen anytime, so don’t wait to start feeling better. Connect with one of our therapists within minutes at anytime, including weekends, holidays and late at night.

With AnonyMind, you’ll get personalised treatment from an online psychologist.




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Here whenever you need us

It takes a lot for people to reach out for help. So we make it simpler to get the help you need. People who use our service don’t need to worry about confidentiality. We just need to listen to your story. We can then help you work on a personal recovery plan and get the support you need to start out on and sustain your recovery journey.

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Made flexible to fit around you

People lead busy lives with lots of demands on their time. People who use our service can go online anytime-anywhere. It's quick and easy to plug into motivational advice and guidance and inspirational stories from recovering gamblers. People can go online to make appointments with therapists at times that fit in with personal or work or family commitments.

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Online video calls

We're online because that way people can get the help when they need it - at their own pace and in their own time. We’re online but we are ‘Not-Bots’. Our Face to Face therapy sessions are with real people. Caring therapists who will listen to your story, understand your concerns and your hopes for a better future. So right now you are just one click away from finding out more about how we can help you.

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