The complete treatment platform for Therapists

Are you a therapists or treatment provider looking to transform your online treatment offering? AnonyMind allows you to get up and running today to deliver fast efficient and compliant treatment all from your web browser.

Delivering care through Anonymind allows you to provide nurturing and inspiring therapeutic interactions privately, securely, and instantly for my clients within the privacy of their homes.

"Online counselling searches increase by 124% in 2020"

University of Zurich

Benefits of AnonyMind

Reduce your Admin

By managing your schedule using our intuitive online calendar. Receive documents and questionnaires including the PHQ and GAD-7 prior to meeting new clients.

Easy to Use

Easy patient registration and automated notifications

Safe and Compliant

Be safe in the knowledge that you and your client’s personal data and payment information is secure using our trusted payment and data storage software.

Outcome Reporting

Automated reporting, appointment notes and charting

Payment Solutions

Say goodbye to chasing clients for payments with our automated payment system. AnonyMind invests in marketing to deliver clients to you, allowing you to focus on the treatment.

All Round Better Service

Save time, reduce costs, improve patient satisfaction.

Want to use AnonyMind as your treatment platform?

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