AnonyMind is the leading provider of evidence-based treatment and behavioural health solutions, delivered digitally and at scale.

We have created, and provide, an easy-to-use, measurable and modern platform to improve access and outcomes for populations across Health Systems, Charities, Corporate Employers, and Education.

Higher Education

“In 2017, 46% of students considered leaving their course. That figure has increased to 55% with reasons including mental health-related issues, unable to cope with stress and not enough support from the place of study. Waiting times to set up counselling support for some students can be up to 6 months due to the high demand but lack of resources.”

Helping Students achieve their full potential and working with universities to deliver the very best support. On demand mental health and wellbeing treatment - online and scalable to meet the needs of your student population 24/7.

We work with universities to help them address unmet mental health and wellbeing needs among their students, at a time of unprecedented demand for support.

Our clinically-proven digital mental health tools and self help videos are focused on the full range of student mental health issues, from depression and anxiety to stress, including exam stress, and resilience.

AnonyMind higher education partnership
AnonyMind Police partnership

Police forces and federations

“A study of recorded absences from work of UK police employees suggests police employee absence due to psychological ill health, trauma, and stress nearly doubled in the past ten years to an absence rate of 8.82%. And, 39% of those who take a first leave of absence due to mental ill health go on to take further absences from work.”

One in five police offers will suffer from PTSD, or complex PTSD. They will also experience 400 to 600 traumatic incidents during their careers, compared to the usual four to six, putting them at greater risk of suffering from trauma-related mental ill-health.

Mental health costs UK police forces time and money, while significantly damaging officers’ lives. So, we work with federations to provide ground-breaking critical treatment for officers in crisis. This includes those with complex mental health needs such as trauma and PTSD.


According to data from various sources 1 in 4 of individuals struggling with mental health issues are in employment, and mental health challenges affect both male and female employees across all positions and salary tiers. Despite these risks, occupational mental health concerns continue to pose a significant workplace issue and organisational risk that often goes unrecognised.

We are pioneering a novel service offering both proactive and preventive solutions for workforce mental health challenges. Our tailored service solution proactively engages individuals facing mental health difficulties within your workforce, seamlessly integrating with your existing Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). We harness cutting-edge virtual interactive technologies in combination with dedicated support from our expert therapist team and our comprehensive recovery resources. If you are looking to enhance your occupational mental health strategy and have access to a team of expert clinicians with 60 minutes please get in touch.

AnonyMind corporate partnership

Benefits of AnonyMind

  • Improve employee mental health and wellbeing to deliver greater productivity, retention and value for money.
  • On demand mental health and wellbeing treatment - online and scalable to meet the needs of your employees 24/7.
  • We work with hundreds of employers and healthcare providers to support employee wellbeing programmes and address unmet mental health and wellbeing needs among their employee and member populations.
  • Our clinically-proven digital mental health tools and videos focus on the full range of workplace mental health issues, from depression and anxiety to stress and resilience. There is something to help every employee.

How we work

  • We partner with organisations on proactive reach out to employees with gambling problems.
  • We resolve barriers and streamline direct access to problem gambling recovery services.
  • We ensure anonymity to allay employee concerns about self-disclosure and career consequences.
  • We make self-referral into recovery services simple via a one-stop, single point of access.
  • We provide online services that make it easier for problem gamblers to get the help they need when they need it.

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